Hot Air Stenter Is An Important Presence

Hot Air Stenter also plays a key role in the printing and packaging profession. In fact, the overall goal of the packaging profession is the ink printing industry.

      Hot Air Stenter also plays a key role in the printing and packaging profession. In fact, the overall goal of the packaging profession is the ink printing industry. The frequent development and application of ink printing has also produced stronger effects for the packaging profession. Together with its own dedication to the packaging profession, it can also be a stronger cause of the ink printing profession to produce a broader large-scale shopping mall and development trend. in. For example, a relatively high-level gift packaging box, perhaps a piece of tobacco packaging can be completed using Flat Screen Printer.

       Generally, the finished silk screen plate must be dried with a hair dryer and then exposed to the sun for several hours. It is better; before applying the silk screen plate, first check whether the painting and font style in the silk screen plate can be eroded and clear. Assuming that there are some small black spots near the painting, it can be compensated by patch glue; during the whole adjustment process, the silk screen should be as persistent as possible to be parallel to the commercial rolling bearing frame, and the scraper will work a little more pressure to ensure that the silk screen is not easy to do so Simple scratches.

       Generally, in consumption, it is better to use 719 paint thinner to scrub the screen printing plate, but do not use alcohol to wipe the screen printing plate, because there is a part of the water in the ethanol, and the touch of the screen printing plate will cause certain problems (such as rubber The board fades, and some smaller font styles simply fade); a good screen printing plate can be used a few times normally. Assuming that the production volume is low on the consumer side, the screen printing ink plate should be removed as soon as possible after completion to clean up Clean, be on the side of cleaning together, do not use a knife.

       Some harder paper types can be used; after cleaning the screen printing plate, make sure that the paintings and font styles in the screen printing plate are clear, and then dry them with a hair dryer, and then put them on specific parts. Following the development of the packaging and printing profession, the application of Flat Screen Printer has become more and more widespread. The career span is also very large, ranging from advertising and promotional items to large cities. It seems that Flat Screen Printer is indispensable. Applied.

The first thing to pay attention to for the automatic Flat Screen Printer is not to allow too much water and oil to enter the air pressure system, so that it can effectively avoid common cylinder failures and increase the service life of the cylinder. That is to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the compressed air, the best way is to refit the fully automatic Flat Screen Printer with a refrigerated dryer.

       The following is part of the three-point composition, to ensure that the applied working pressure is within 5-7kg/cm, and it is necessary to check whether the remaining oil in the converter oil standard is sufficient every day. If the pressure reducing valve is not needed for a long time, it should be put in the back-end development. In the application of gas production scheduling, special oil for the standard pressure production scheduling group should also be used. In addition to the development of screen printing ink equipment packaging printing speed and the level of automation technology, it is also necessary to ensure excellent practical operation. Printing equipment generally occupies a large area, and the muscle sleeve control panel should be set to ensure that the actual operation staff can carry out actual operations in each major work direction. The actual operation of the vertical plate should be in line with the person's posture and habits, the direction of the work is conducive to research, adjustment of the position is visualized and easy to touch.

      Fully automatic Flat Screen Printer in order to ensure the personal safety of the actual operating staff and the safety of the equipment. In addition to the absence of safety maintenance equipment on the screen printing ink equipment, safety maintenance equipment must be set up, as well as safety protection equipment. The equipment can automatically shut down when common faults occur.

       Flat Screen Printer Factory stipulates that the fully automatic Flat Screen Printer equipment can maintain its original accuracy according to long-term applications, that is, the equipment has a long application service life, which has key economic development practical significance for the country and the company. To ensure this, the raw materials and heat treatment methods of the parts should be effectively used to ensure the wear resistance of the parts; in order to develop the fitness exercise accuracy of the transmission device, each cooperation surface needs to have effective physical accuracy and excellent cooperation clearance and smoothness. Equipment etc.