Path of Exile-Download a loot filter

Path of Exile-Download a loot filter



Path of Exile is loaded with loot, especially as you rise in levels and begin doing endgame map content. If you are trying to play without a filter, you are going to spend tons of your time just rummaging through endless trash - and that i do mean endless. Screen after screen of stuff that's getting to bury anything of interest under a tide of garbage, you will not even be ready to find the great stuff under all that noise. therefore the very first thing you would like to try to to is get a loot filter - it's pretty easy. My choice for straightforward and painless is that the core version of Filterblades, just pop it in your folder and choose it from your UI options. you'll grab it here then rest easy that you simply won't need to attempt to dig through many drops on one screen.

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