Rocket League is complete without an accompanying title

Rocket League is complete without an accompanying title

The rewards in question are awarded through Cups, which are basically fake money lootboxes. You don’t get to settle on your rewards; you’ll just need to get lucky. However, more credits means you'll buy the costlier Cups, which have a better chance of unlocking a better rarity item. And like regular items in Rocket League, five of those are often traded certain one item of upper rarity.

Your rank also will matter, as you'll be pitted against people of your own skill level. At first, this may be supported your regular rank, but will gradually change to how well you are doing in tournaments over the subsequent seasons.

Speaking of ranks, no successful season of Rocket League is complete without an accompanying title, is it? Well, winning a tournament of any rank will award a title. Win three of these , and you’ll get a coloured title. Pretty neat! Easier said than done, though. Fortunately, the seasons are quite long, as they follow the regular ranked season, and you'll enter as many tournaments as you would like . you'll enter solo, duo, or trio, but the mode will always be 3v3. Be aware, though—leaving tournaments early will end in increasing penalties.

Another slam dunk for the Summer Update
So far, the Rocket League Summer Update is shaping up rather promising! With cross-platform progression Rocket League Credits, new ranks to be introduced, and an overhaul to the UI on top of going free-to-play, Rocket League is finally getting that long-awaited fresh lick of paint since its original 2015 release.

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